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Zen Tree

Kaizen Japanese term that means continuous improvement, taken from words 'Kai' means continuous and 'zen' means improvement.
Some translate 'Kai' to mean change and 'zen' to mean good, or for the better.
The same japanese words Kaizen that pronounce as 'Gai San' in chinese mean: Gai= The action to correct.

San= This word is more related to the Taoism or Buddhism Philosophy in which give the definition as the action that 'benefit' the society but not to one particular individual. The quality of benefit that involve here should be sustain forever, in other words the 'san' is and act that truely benefit the others.
Kaizen A closer definition of the Japanese meaning of Kaizen is "to take it apart and put back together in a better way." What is taken apart is usually a process, system, product, or service.

Process Oriented Thinking method helps to solve problem and seeks creative solutions

Kaizen Home offers vaiety of home improvement services:
Kitchen, Bathroom, Other Rooms Remodeling & Design
Woodworking; Closets, Outbuildings, Sheds, & Gazebos
Painting & Staining
Plumbing; Drain Clearing, Faucets, Fixtures, & Pipes
Flooring, Tile, Brick & Stone, Carpet, Hardwood, Laminate & Vinyl
Garage Door - Install or Replace
Repair a Deck or Porch
Foundation or Basement - Waterproofing

Handyman Servicesfor Multiple Small Projects
Carpentry; Custom Cabinets or Built-In Furniture
Cabinets - Refinish, Countertops, Closets or Rooms - Organize
Siding, Gutters, & Exterior Trim
Painting; Staining, & Drywall - Repair
Electrical; Outlets, Panels, Switches, & Wiring
Plumbing & Sprinklers

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