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Kate Thornton

Kaizen Home Improvement can be hired to work in new construction projects, such as building a new home, housing tract or commercial property.
General contractor Kate Thornton can also be hired to do repair and replacement work on existing structures.
She is licensed general contractor, she is an expert on local zoning regulations and codes are adhered to in the construction of buildings.
She manages a project schedule to ensure that inspections are conducted and permits are issued at the proper phase in the project.

If you have a small budget, and your house remodeling idea scares you, do not feel hopeless.
You have a solution. Kate handles your home improvement projects, rescues you from unfinished projects and makes you feel "glad to be at home" again!

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Kaizen Home Services Include:
  • Bathroom, kitchen, basement fixtures
  • Other household rooms remodeling, repairs and room additions
  • Insulation and waterproofing
  • Floor coverings
  • Foundation, retaining walls
  • Drywall and plastering
  • Tile, stone, paving and patios
  • Cabinets, carpentery
  • Electrical and plumbing

Call her at (503) 248-2033 .  Describe what you need. 
You will not believe how easily and quickly your problem will be solved.
Kaizen Home aims to help to protect our environment with responsible practices

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